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By David CALVER 26 Jul, 2017
In the middle of Wales with Snowdon as a backdrop there is a remarkable Centre for Alternative Technologies. Whether you are interested in gardening by using organic methods, managing woodlands or generating electricity using the earths natural elements the technology is de-mystified. 

On arrival you reach the site from the car park via a cliff railway which is driven by water power then he green world is your oyster. Throughout the site there are interactive displays which explain different aspects of Green Technology. How do you generate electricity using the sun, wind or water, what building materials can be used to reduce the amount of power you need in your home. What are the advantages of growing organic food is it taste or is there another side line the saving of energy.

This centre doesn't take things for granted it researches New Technology and shows the benefits where they exist. It's approach is not one of 'you must do this' it is seeking out whether New Technologies do have benefits or not and taking forward those that do.

It also recognises that we cannot completely scrub our world of some of the gasses like Carbon Dioxide without losing some household things, ways of life that we have come to enjoy. On the site is a broad-leaf woodland that has to be managed and can help to sink some of the harmful things we in reality do not want to think about. Again you can learn how this management can be achieved.

This is not a visit designed for technocrats or people who are dedicated to Green issues, although they are welcome, this is a place to inform anyone from any walk of life about what alternatives exist and then leaves it to the individual to make up their own mind. I can almost guarantee you will find the whole visit very thought provoking. Who knows you might want to sign p for one of their courses.

To find out more visit their website

By David CALVER 16 Jul, 2017

After querying an ambiguous notification put up around Hill Street the council have informed me that the infrastructure planning will turn Hill Street into a Cul-de-Sac. Which means that our pick-up point will no longer be available to us. They haven’t given a date, but going on passed performance notification comes out a very short period before they implement (less than 2 weeks when they closed the Town Hall Stop) Hence the reason for acting now rather than been hit by a sudden closure. It is also the 10th official coach drop-off point to have been closed around the Town Hall area without any replacement, so when Hill Street disappears there are no points on the Town Hall side of town.

Having looked around I wanted to use the Moor Street Interchange, but they have put up yellow signs saying local busses only (meaning service busses not coaches), so there are no legal stopping places there (although a lot of coaches do). That being the case and wishing to stay within the law our new pickup/drop-off point will be on Smallbrook Queensway.

The exact location on Smallbrook Queensway is on the bridge above Dudley Street, on the opposite side of the road to T-K-Max.

To access the pickup point you can exit New Street Station on the Smallbrook Queensway Side (this was the main entrance to New Street Station before Grand Central was built), cross over Smallbrook Queensway to be on the same side as Debenhams and walk to your right to the end of the building and onto the bridge above Dudley Street. 

From the Bull Ring Centre exit onto Smallbrook Queensway, alongside Boots the Chemist, and turn to your left along Smallbrook Queensway.


Letters will be sent out in due course to anyone who has booked tickets for journeys commencing after the 1st August



By David CALVER 23 May, 2017

Caltours of Birmingham Ltd was founded by David Calver in 2003 and has been running Short Break Holidays and Day Excursions for individuals and groups since its formation.

David started taking a particular interest in Historic Houses and Gardens following a visit to the Stoke on Trent Garden Festival back in 1986. It was here that he joined the National Trust and has been a keen member ever since.

Seventeen years later, when the business started, it is no wonder that these interests featured heavily in the destinations that he took his Customers to.

He often joked that “his customers paid him to take them to the places that he wanted to go to”.

Over the years he has kept faithful to the Historic House and Garden theme but has introduced different flavours of History into the Portfolio. For example, this year there is a Short Break in August with a Maritime flavour focusing on Portsmouth Historic Harbour and Bucklers Hard; then in December there is a Short Break which takes in a rail journey, a canal trip and a Dickensian Fair at Grassington in Yorkshire.

If you join one of Caltours’ trips you will find a comfortable air conditioned coach with on board facilities waiting to whisk you to your destination. Your trip will a be accompanied by a courier/tour manager (usually David himself) who will look after you along the way and provide a bit of information about your destination before you arrive.

The Company objectives are to offer a high level of Friendly Customer Service and Product Quality for the Day Excursions and Short Breaks it provides. Judging by Customer Loyalty and the fact that many make personal recommendations to friends, it looks like the goals are being achieved.

By David CALVER 22 May, 2017
Welcome to the Blog Page for Caltours of Birmingham Ltd.

On this page I will be bringing you News from and about the Company together with any contributions from you my valued customers.

If you would like to contribute please forward your article and any photograph (if applicable) to the email address at the top of the page. If you want to comment on any article already published then you can add your comments directly on this page.  

Your article may be about a trip that you have undertaken and you want to share experiences or information that you would like to share with others.  Perhaps we have visited a Stately Home and you know that one of your ancestors had some sort of link with the destination. Could be they were in service, tenant on the estate, assigned there during the war etc., The only ground rules are that articles/photographs must not infringe any copyright or plagiarise the work of someone else.

This page is meant to share information it is not a "Review" Page. If you want to review the services of Caltours of Birmingham Ltd I would ask you to click on the stars at the top of his page.
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