A guide to how to make a review. 
In today's world people often look at a company and then read any reviews about them before making a decision. This article provides an overview of how to make an honest review 
Before going into detail I do want to stress the words "Honest Review", people can usually see through a dishonest one as it looks more like a blatant advert than facts.. In fact companies like Google have algorithms to try and stop dishonest reviews, Unfortunately it does mean that some well intentioned reviews like "Company xyz is so well organised you really must try them" will get rejected. Whereas a review which sticks to facts like "we travelled to York and the driver/courier were really helpful (give example) and the hotel we stayed in was really very good" will get noticed. So for a good or bad review to be effective it should have relevant facts relating to personal experiences of service received backed up with examples or reasons that compliment your rating. Also remember your review is being listed under a company name so it is not necessary to add it into your review. 
There are a number of ways in which you can make a review, unfortunately Trip Advisor (probably the most well known) does not recognise tour operators.  
Google probably comes next after Trip Advisor. To write a review on Google you can type into your PC browser "Caltours of Birmingham Ltd, Reviews". To the right of your screen you will see a panel describing the business and about half way down there is a section "Reviews on the Web" and a button underneath "Write a Review". When you click on the button you sign in to your Google account and will be presented with a number of stars. Click on the left hand one to give a 1 star rating or the one on the right to give a 5 star rating. Having given a star rating you then write your review below. You can also get to the same place if you go onto Google Maps, type in "Caltours of Birmingham Ltd" into the search bar and a panel opens up below with the Company details and an opportunity half way down to write a review. (You will be asked to sign into your google account 
On a smart phone the process is similar type into your Google Chrome Browser "Caltours of Birmingham Ltd. reviews" and you will be presented with a screen to allow you to leave your review in the same way described in the paragraph above. 
Reviews can also be left on other platforms which can get scrutinised and put into the Google Reviews. You may notice that when you went onto the Google Review Screen that it also showed you how to access reviews from "Yell.com" and "Reviews.co.uk". To leave a Review on Yell.com. In both cases you can click on the words "Yell.com" or "reviews.co.uk" and you will be connected straight to a screen associated with those companies allowing you to leave a review. In the case of Reviews.co.uk you will see a screen with the latest reviews visible and the stars for you to start your review appear above the first existing review. 
If you are using Microsoft Edge as a browser then again you can type in the Company Name "Caltours of Birmingham Ltd" and on the right hand side of the screen you get a panel with the company details. Unfortunately it only gives you a link to Yell.com, Bing do not have a review section it was removed back in 2011. You can always type into your browser either" Reviews .co.uk" or "Yell.com" then do a company search from there. 
Although I am writing this article littered with my company name it is a valid template for just about any company provided they are listed on Google, or Yell. There are also other places where you can leave reviews like Yelp, local directories etc., where the principles will be very similar. 
Facebook also allows reviews although it no longer gives a star rating it acts you to recommend a company 
My final words are please do review my company, but above all be honest. If I am aware of any positive or negative reviews I will do my best to acknowledge them. 
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