Terms and Conditions for Holidays in the United Kingdom 
Please read the following very carefully as the content will form the basis of a legally binding agreement between you and Caltours of Birmingham Ltd. 
When making this booking as the “Lead Name” you undertake to accept the terms and conditions as laid out below for and on behalf of yourself and all the members of your party. This contract is made subject to these terms and conditions, which are governed by English Law and the non exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts. The term “Caltours” or “we” in this document refers to “Caltours of Birmingham Ltd” and “you” refers to the “Lead Name” on the booking form. 
When does this contract take effect? 
The contract takes effect when you have given us instructions to proceed and your deposit has been received by Caltours. We will issue confirmation of your booking within 7 days of receiving your deposit. 
How is my Holiday Money protected? 
Your money is paid into a “Customer Trust Account” set up to comply with the Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tour Regulations 1992. Your money is protected against the insolvency of any company providing any part of your tour. The money is held within the Trust Account until such time as your holiday is completed. 
When do I pay for my Holiday? 
A deposit of £45 per person is payable at the time of booking. The balance is due 8 weeks before the commencement of the Holiday. In the event of the departure being less than 8 weeks from the time of booking the total price of the holiday falls due immediately. The Lead person is responsible for making a single payment for each of the Deposit and Final Payments. 
Failure to pay any amounts outstanding by the due date will be treated as a cancellation 15 days after the amount was due and you will be charged the appropriate cancellation fee as set out below. 
How can I pay for my holiday? 
You can pay for your holiday by cheque, Debit or credit card drawn on a UK based bank. Cheques should be made payable to “Caltours of Birmingham Ltd.” 
There is no surcharge for using cheques, debit or credit cards.. 
Can you change the price of my holiday after you have issued the booking confirmation? 
Caltours reserve the right to pass on any increments in the rates of VAT or any other increases in taxation which affects the price we pay for your holiday where such increases were not known about at the time of booking. We reserve the right to pass on any fuel increases. If this means paying more than an extra 10% of the holiday price then you will be entitled to cancel with a full refund of all money paid. 
Can I transfer my booking to someone else? 
Providing that you give us reasonable notice you can transfer your booking to someone else. Any name changes before the balance falls due must be made in writing. There is no fee for name changes before the final payment. Changes after final payment will be subject to our service providers also agreeing and any charges made by them will be passed on to the original person who booked the holiday. Name changes can only be made if the room type does not change. (i.e. a twin room or double room must have 2 occupants it cannot be turned into a single room) 
How can I cancel my holiday? 
You or any member of your party may cancel at any time, notification must be via you the lead name on the original booking. Notification of cancellation must be made in writing and will be deemed to be effective from the time such notice is received by Caltours. You will have to pay a cancellation fee as set out in the table below. Please note that travel insurance is not included in the price of our holidays and that payment for cancellation is the responsibility of the person making the booking. Non payment of any balances due will be considered as a cancellation by you 15 days after the money was due. If you have taken out your own travel insurance it is possible that the cancellation fees may be re-payable through that insurance directly to you. 
Cancellation more than 45 days — loss of deposit only 
36-45 days — 30% of invoice value. 
29-35 days — 50% of invoice Value 
11-28 days — 60% of invoice value 
1-10 days — 100% of invoice 
In the event that there is a cancellation by one person occupying a twin or double room then it is considered that both people in that room have cancelled. Caltours will try and negotiate a room for the 2nd person to occupy a single room, if successful the supplement applied by our supplier will be charged (which may be higher than the single supplement on our original adverts). 
What happens if you change or cancel my Holiday? 
There are times when we may have to change a holiday for unavoidable reasons, usually these will be minor changes but occasionally they might be significant. If after booking your holiday and before its commencement we change your holiday then we will inform you in writing. If the change is significant then we will give you the option of cancelling or transferring to a different holiday, if available, without administration charges or cancellation penalty. A significant change would be a change in the location for a resort hotel, the quality of a hotel being used or part of the tour itinerary being changed to remove or replace a destination. 
If you choose to cancel your holiday because of a significant change or if we have to cancel your holiday for reasons other than non-payment by the customer; you can either change to a different holiday, with appropriate adjustments in price as appropriate. Or you may request a full refund. In either case we will apply a scale of compensation as set out below. 
When we notify you of any significant change to your holiday we will also give you a timescale by which you need to respond, (this is necessary as we need to safeguard the holiday interests of other passengers who may wish to proceed). Please note that we reserve the right to cancel if the number of passengers is less than 25. 
Scale of Compensation: 
Period before departure within which any significant change is notified to the lead name on the booking form. 
More than 45 days — Nil 
36-45 days — £10 per person 
29-35 days — £15 per person 
11-28 days — £20 per person 
1-10 days — £25 per person 
The scale of compensation set out above does not remove your legal rights to further compensation where you have justifiable cause for dissatisfaction. Compensation will not be paid where the change is made due to events beyond our control including war or threat of war, riot, civil strife, terrorist activity, natural or man made disasters, fire, possible health risks or adverse weather conditions. 
Do I need travel Insurance? 
We do not include personal travel insurance for our holidays, but we do encourage you to make your own provisions to protect yourself. Caltours is not regulated by the FSA and cannot therefore offer any advice on any particular insurance policy. 
Please be aware that Caltours cannot provide financial assistance or waive cancellation charges to anyone who is not able to join a tour, due to any cause that is not attributable to the company, its sub-contractors, suppliers or agents. It cannot provide financial assistance for accommodation or transportation should a passenger become unwell or have an accident which prevents him or her from returning home at the end of the holiday where the cause was not part of the actions of Caltours, its subcontractors, suppliers or agents. 
What is the extent of your Liability? 
Caltours carries Product and Professional Liability insurance as well as Employee Liability cover. Additionally our sub-contractors and suppliers carry similar levels of insurance cover. We accept responsibility for any death or injury as a result of any activity associated with the holiday if the cause is due to any fault on our part or those of our sub-contractors, suppliers or agents acting in accordance with their employment. We do not accept responsibility if the death or injury is not caused by any fault of ours, our sub-contractors, suppliers or agents; or if it is caused by you or someone un-connected with the holiday arrangements; or is due to an unusual or unforeseen circumstance which could not have been foreseen, anticipated or avoided even with all due care. 
We accept responsibility if the description of your holiday does not meet the claims of any written material provided directly by Caltours. We also accept responsibility if the standard of accommodation is not of a quality expected giving due regard to the rating of the hotel or accommodation. 
Deep Vein Thrombosis can be caused by periods of inactivity such as can be found on long coach journeys. Our itineraries are geared to provide frequent stops and it is advised that passengers do take the opportunity to take some exercise during those stops. Additionally any small exercise whilst on the move is encouraged. We do however advise anyone with a history of DVT to consult their doctor before travel. 
Similarly if you have had recent surgery or have a medical history which could affect you during the period of travel then we advise you to consult with your doctor before travel. It is also important to let your insurance company know in advance of travel if appropriate. 
All our coaches have reserved seats, allocated approximately 2 weeks before travel. These seats remain yours for the duration of the holiday. When allocating reserved seats we do not reserve window seats but do ask passengers sitting alongside each other to rotate between window and aisle seat. 
On occasions we do have coaches substituted at the last minute, for operational reasons, with different seating arrangements. If this happens we reserve the right to move you to different seats at the point of departure. Our courier will allocate you to new seats that are as near to the original description as possible. 
To comply with UK law seat belts must be worn at all times whilst seated in a moving vehicle. 
Pick up points (where applicable) 
Please check your travel documents when you receive them to ensure that we have recorded the correct departure point for your group and departure time. We ask you to be at the departure time at least 10 minutes before the quoted departure time in order to provide time to load cases etc.,. 
Door to Door Service (where applicable) 
Where a door to door service is offered you will be transported from an identified address to the point where the coach will pick you up. Transportation to and from the coach will either be by shared taxi or minibus. Any pick up outside the Birmingham City Boundary will be at the discretion of Caltours and may be surcharged. 
It is the passengers responsibility to be ready by the time indicated on the documentation issued prior to travel. Delays caused by the passenger may mean that he/she is left behind. If the delay can be accommodated, without delaying the departure of either the coach or the pick up of other passengers; the passenger may be charged a waiting time payment. 
Transportation costs (other than waiting surcharges) are pre-paid by Caltours. Any delays caused by a taxi/mini bus arriving late or failure of a taxi to pick up a pre-booked passenger will be the responsibility of Caltours of Birmingham Ltd., 
Door to door service does not include the carrying of bags to and from vehicles. 
Please limit yourself to one suitcase per person and one small bag to carry onto the coach. Please remember that heavy suit cases can cause back damage and we have to lift them from slightly awkward angles from the luggage compartment of the coach. We therefore reserve the right to refuse to lift any bag that is considered too heavy. A bag that is in excess of 15Kg, (33lbs) is on the upper limit of being reasonable. We would encourage couples to take two smaller cases than try and fill one large case. 
Small bags taken on board the coach must not obstruct the central aisle they must be placed either on the rack, if not too heavy or under your feet. 
Unless the itinerary specifically says that hotels will porter your suitcase to the room please assume that you will have to take responsibility for your own luggage. 
Passenger Behaviour 
The comfort of passengers is partly dictated by other passengers. We therefore reserve the right to refuse a passenger boarding a coach or to terminate an individuals holiday at any point, without compensation, if a passenger is: 
Under the influence of alcohol or drugs 
Is abusive in anyway to other passengers or staff. 
Disruptive in any way which delays the company carrying out its 
obligations to other passengers (this may include persistent lateness). 
Smoking (including e-cigarettes) are not allowed on our coaches or in public areas of hotels. 
Most hotels have a complete non-smoking policy in their bedrooms. 
Special Needs/Diets 
We cannot guarantee that every customer requirement can be met. However if you can tell us your requirements at the time of booking we can pass on the request to the relevant provider. If you need a room on a low floor or easy access to a lift, require a special diet please identify it when booking. If you identify that a requirement is essential, your booking will remain provisional until we know that we can meet your requirement. Where an essential need is not declared at the time of booking and recorded on your invoice it is not contractual and any cancellation as a result of not providing a facility will be classed as a cancellation by the passenger and subject to cancellation fees. 
We will be happy to carry any Manual Wheelchair” or “Walking Aid” on our coaches providing they can be stored in the luggage compartment. Please tell us at the time of booking as space is limited. We cannot guarantee taking large items that we do not know about. 
Our coaches are not equipped with lifts and therefore all passengers must be capable of climbing the few steps onto the coach and getting to their seat. It is regretted that we are unable to provide assistance in terms of lifting people on or off the coach or into any accommodation. 
Disabilities can take many forms and are not always linked to mobility. If you are not sure about the suitability of the holiday for you please tell us the information you need and we will try and find out as much as we can with relation to your particular needs. 
We cannot accommodate any pets on our coach holidays. However we will endeavour to accommodate registered assistance dogs wherever possible. Please inform us, at the time of booking, if you are intending to take a registered dog in order that we can check all our suppliers are happy and will accommodate the arrangement. 
Data Protection 
In order to secure your holiday we will need to pass on your details to our suppliers and sub-contractors who are directly responsible for providing part of the holiday (i.e. Hotel accommodation). This may include name address and any dietary information or special needs that you inform us about. The relevant people who have this information will maintain their own data protection policies. 
In accepting these terms and conditions you are giving permission for your details to be passed onto these providers. We will only pass on essential information that is relevant to your holiday. 
With respect to Caltours; we will not pass on any information that is not relevant to the supplier or sub-contractor and will not pass on any of your information to any third parties other than for the purposes of securing part of your holiday. We will only use our database for the purpose of sending you information on our own products and not those of third parties. You may at any time request to see the information we hold on you or to request that we remove your details altogether. 
In Case of Emergency (ICE) 
Where you supply a name and telephone number that you would like us to call in the case of emergency (i.e. you are taken ill, have an accident etc.). We will pass this information onto any emergency service/hospital where there is a need to know. The name and telephone number will be stored on computer, but not used for any unsolicited communication from Caltours or any 3rd party. 
If you have any cause for complaint please register it with your tour manager in order that we may try and rectify the problem on the spot. Should you not get satisfaction then please record your complaint in writing and send it to Caltours at the earliest possible opportunity, but not later than 14 days after the end of the holiday. 
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