COVID-19 (Coronavirus) & Caltours of Birmingham Ltd 
Caltours of Birmingham Ltd will be keeping a constant eye on the evolving situation with COVID-19 as it affects UK travel and how it impacts on my advertised Coach Tours. At all times the safety of passengers will be at the top of my agenda and I will be guided by the best advise available at any given time. 
This undoubtedly will become a testing time for the travel industry both logistically and financially. I hope you will keep faith in my company and understand there will be cancellations due to circumstances none of us can control. I certainly hope things will improve quicker than currently forecast (March 2020) and we can be back on track later in the year. 
In this document I set out how my company will handle various situations from cancellations made by either ourselves or by you the customer. We certainly hope that most of our programme will run, but if any individual trip is cancelled it is important that we are able to contact the person who booked the trip in question. 
Where can I get information on my trip? 
Select the Day Trip or holiday page as appropriate. For Day Trips select the trip you are interested in from the drop down banner and if there it is cancelled or in the process of being rescheduled there will be an announcement near the top of the page which will be visible at least 1 month before departure.  
For Holidays the information will appear on the Main Holiday page and on the page specific to that holiday if appropriate. If announcements are reuired they will be visible before final payment dates for the relevant holiday. 
How will I contact you in the event of a cancellation? 
In the event of a notified threat/cancellation from any destination, transport provider or by Government advice that prevents an advertised trip going ahead I will notify customers who re booked as soon as practically possible, preferably by email, telephone, or text message, text message or as a last resort by letter if time permits. 
Please ensure that I have a telephone number to contact you and if available a mobile telephone number that I can use to send a text/voice mail if needed. 
Please note that if you do not have either email, telephone or mobile phone we may not be able to contact you in the event of a last-minute cancellation. This may also be the case if you are out and do not have an answering machine where we can leave a message. 
What happens in the event of cancellation by Caltours of Birmingham Ltd due to COVID-19? 
If cancellation by Caltours of Birmingham Ltd is due to closure of a destination, stopping of transport or by Government advice, customers will be: 
Refunded their original fare for the day trip affected or 
The amount of money already deposited with Caltours of Birmingham Ltd with respect to a specific holiday. 
Customers may be given an option to transfer to another trip/holiday if it is practical to do so. 
Please note that under my terms and conditions cancellations due to a “force majeure” event that is out of the control of Caltours of Birmingham Ltd repayments will be limited to the amount of money paid to the company without compensation. 
In the event we cannot contact you in person by telephone, text or email for last minute cancellations, Caltours of Birmingham Ltd cannot be responsible for any out of pocket expenses for travel to pick-up points. As a backup way of communicating we will put a notice onto our website and Facebook Pages. 
What happens If a trip has not been cancelled by Caltours of Birmingham Ltd and the customer wants to cancel? 
If a customer cancels either due to being ill, being in voluntary or enforced isolation or for any other reason our normal terms and conditions will apply for both day trips and holidays in the same way as if this was any other illness. 
For day trips: 
Cancellation greater than 14 days before travel will incur a £3 cancellation fee. 
Within 14 days but greater than 48 hours the cancellation fee will be 50% of the advertised fare. 
Less than 48 hours’ notice, there will no refund. 
For Holidays: 
Cancellation more than 45 days — loss of deposit only 
36-45 days — 30% of invoice value. 
29-35 days — 50% of invoice Value 
11-28 days — 60% of invoice value 
1-10 days — 100% of invoice 
In the event that there is a cancellation by one person occupying a twin or double room then it is considered that both people in that room have cancelled. Caltours will try and negotiate a room for the 2nd person to occupy a single room, if successful the supplement applied by our supplier will be charged. 
Holiday information clearly states that "holidays do not include personal insurance and you are advised to take out your own personal cover". Depending on the terms of your holiday insurance you may be able to recover costs via your own insurance for genuine causes supported by the appropriate paperwork. 
Cancellation charges will be deemed to be effective from the date on which the cancellation is notified. 
Please Note that if a tour is subsequently cancelled by Caltours of Birmingham Ltd it will still be deemed as the customer having cancelled. 
Can Caltours of Birmingham Ltd refuse travel to anyone who has booked on to a day trip or holiday? 
If a passenger is deemed as being a risk to other passengers, we have the right to refuse travel if they have been: 
To a country outside the UK where travel restrictions prevail or recommendations for self-isolation on return are recommended. 
They are showing symptoms of the virus 
knowingly in touch with someone who has or is under investigation of having the virus within the previous 14 days. 
If a passenger is refused boarding for any of the reasons above, it will be deemed as cancellation by the customer. In the event of a holiday cancellation your personal holiday insurance may cover any losses. 
Advice for travellers on how to keep safe and precautions to take. 
Advice can be found on the government website. See NHS Website 
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