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Frequently asked Questions 

I am a new Customer what information do you store about me? 
We will store on a database your name, address and telephone number and optionally your email address. In addition we will record your preferences in terms of whether you want us to send advertising literature through the post or by email or both or not at all. There will be a record kept of any bookings made and for our marketing purposes (if known) how you heard of us (i.e Newspaper advert, web search or personal recommendation). 
Please note that any information stored about you will not be forwarded to any third party. If there is a requirement to forward any information to anyone else we will tell you before we do it. (Very occasionally this is necessary to provide part of a service, more likely to happen on holiday bookings than day trips). 
How do I make a booking? 
First check to see there is availability on the trip that you are interested in. Initially phone 0121 459 7524 and state the trip that you are interested in and how many people will be travelling. (If you encounter an answer machine please leave a message with all this information along with your name and telephone number in order that we can prioritise your request over subsequent calls). Alternatively use the Contact Form on the "Contact us" page on the website. 
What do I need to pay when making a booking? 
For Day Trips you will need to pay the whole amount at the time of booking.  
For Holidays/Short Breaks there is a deposit of £45 per person required and the balance will fall due approximately 8 weeks before travel. 
How can I pay? 
You can pay by cheque, Card or Bank Transfer 
By card there are two methods that you can use: 
Pay By Link This requires that we know an email address for you. It is considered to be the safest way for an individual to pay as your card details are entered into the banking system by yourself and the vendor (in this case Caltours of Birmingham Ltd) does not see any card details other than the first and last 4 digits of your long number. Once the booking is made we send you a Pay Request via a company called WorldPay that will arrive in the form of an email. You check that "what you are paying for" is correct and enter your card details to pay. We then receive an email from WorldPay to say the transaction is complete and send a ticket out to you. 
Virtual Terminal. Again this is administered by WorldPay and effectively the card owner has to pass over all the card details to the vendor (i.e. Caltours of Birmingham Ltd) and we enter the information into WorldPay for you. Once the transaction is complete we send out your tickets. For your safety Caltours of Birmingham Ltd will not store your card details on any inhouse electronic database. Once your card has been processed any information on paper is shredded, so if you make a subsequent booking we will ask you for all the information afresh. 
By Cheque. Once you have made a booking you have 10 working days to forward a cheque to us. Please make the cheque payable to "Caltours of Birmingham Ltd" making sure that you do not abbreviate "Birmingham" or leave off "Ltd" (sorry the banks use electronic readers and if the name on the cheque doesn't match the company name they reject the cheque). Cheques under £500 will be sent to the bank by photographic technology, once the payment has been confirmed your cheque is shredded after a period of 5 days. Cheques over £500 have to be deposited through a bank outlet.  
By Bankers transfer: If you would like to use the BACS system please ask for details.  
Do you need any additional information for holidays? 
We need the same information as for day trips Name, Address and Telephone number. In addition if you are sharing a room we will need to know the name of the 2nd occupant, and if different, their address and telephone number. We will need to provide the hotel with any information you deem to be necessary such as allergies to food or items that could be found in a bedroom. In terms of handing information over to the hotel we will provide them with your name and any essential requirement information (i.e. allergies) it is not normal to hand over addresses. Please note however that hotels often require you to fill in their own registration cards on arrival. 
If you opt for a Door to Door Service then we will need to pass on your name and address to the taxi company providing the service, we also provide your telephone number, unless you object, in order that they can contact you if they cannot find your house etc. 
There is an option to provide us with an ICE number (In Case of Emergency) in order that if you should fall ill or be unable to complete your journey for any reason there is someone we can contact on your behalf. As this information goes onto one of our databases please ensure that the person concerned is made aware. We will not use the information for aour own purposes (i.e. advertising) but will pass it on to any emergency services or hospitals if appropriate. 
What happens if I have to cancel a booking? 
For a day trip we charge £3 cancellation per ticket if cancelled more than 2 weeks in advance. 50% of the ticket price within 2 weeks of travel and no refund in the 48hours before travel. Cancellation charges can be waived if you cannot travel but can substitute another person to travel in your place. If we have a full coach with no seats left for sale then we will waive the cancellation fee if your seat is sold. On certain trips where pre-payments are required by a service provider the cancellation fees may vary from the normal terms and conditions and will be stated on the website advertising the trip. Please see our terms and conditions. 
For Holidays there is a set of cancellation charges set out in the terms and conditions which we use as a benchmark and are a maximum that you will pay. We will endeavour to reduce the cost if payments to 3rd parties have not been committed. We will also waive charges if you substitute someone to go in your place or if we have sold all our availability and are able to re-sell your room.  
I am disabled, do you have any problems with me travelling? 
Disabilities take many forms so it is not possible to give a generic answer that will fit every trip that we do for all individuals. 
In terms of mobility our coach does not have a lift, but if you are able to climb 5 steps and sit in a coach seat then there should be no problems as far as the coach travel is concerned. We are normally able to store walking aids and manual wheelchairs in the luggage compartment, but please tell us before you travel as we need to assess the space in the luggage compartment ( not usually a problem on day trips but can be when we have suitcases as well for holidays). Unfortunately we cannot accommodate electric wheelchairs/scooters). 
Venues being visited will have their own accessibility statements. If you go to the relevant page for the trip that you are undertaking I have tried to add a web-link to the venues website where there should be an accessibility statement. However if you cannot find what you want to know please let us know and we will try and find out for you.  
Do you include tips in your holiday price? 
No. We believe that it is an individuals right to choose whether to leave a tip or not. Our recommendation is that if you believe you have received good service and you want to leave a tip it is your choice. You should not however feel that you have to leave a tip particularly if you didn't get good service. 
We will not prevent tips being given to our sub-contractors, if you so wish, however In terms of Caltours of Birmingham Ltd we ask that you do not give our direct staff a monetary tip. The best tip you can give us is to travel with us again tell your friends and if you feel inclined to leave a review on Google to encourage other people to travel. 
Where do you Pick passengers up in Birmingham? 
Departure Points for day trips are traditionally the City Centre (Dudley Street), Harborne (Lordswood Road), Selly Oak (either Oak Tree Lane or Harborne Lane), Bournville Green (linden Road), Kings Norton Railway Station. (view maps here). Always check the information on the trip description page as occasionally we do not use all of the Departure points and sometimes for group bookings we have different or additional start points. 
For Holidays all our holidays start from the City Centre (Dudley Street), however there is an optional door to door taxi service available for passengers living within a 15 mile radius of New Street Station. 
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